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In our fast-moving workplace culture, it can be challenging to stay in touch with our inner selves and prioritize what we really want, from life or work.

We’re always in a rush, often not getting enough rest or time for peaceful reflection. We may have forgotten about the power of our innate talents and creativity, perhaps not having fully expressed them since childhood. We often settle into a comfortable, predictable routine. Is it any wonder that we have difficulty bringing our most creative thinking and innovative ideas to our lives, or to our work?

Perhaps you’ve thought about making a career change, one that is more in tune with your true self and values. But, you have some doubts about how to proceed, and whether now is a good time, given the recent challenges of our economy. Still, the cost of waiting and hesitating may very well be higher than the cost of taking decisive action now.

It may be that your workplace is going through a major transition, and you’re feeling unsure about how you fit into it anymore. You would like to be more resilient and better skilled at riding the waves of change — or, perhaps you’re a leader who is charged with helping your staff manage a major transition.

You might even be thinking about leaving your current position and starting your own business or consultancy. Your intuition says you can do it, but you’re still coping with some nagging self-doubts and practical concerns about how to find support and resources.

Or, you may be at a point in your professional life where you feel like taking time off to travel and experience more of the world, or begin a community project to serve people on a local or global scale — but you’re afraid your dreams are too big, and you’ll fail, or you aren’t sure where to start.

At any age or point in your career, you may be nurturing a long-cherished dream to begin or finish a meaningful creative project, such as writing a book, making an independent film, composing music and performing, or otherwise initiating a parallel creative career.

We can help you get started on your personal path of change by using proven, customized and creative coaching and mentoring methods; and if you manage other staff, we also offer workplace coaching, mentoring and training programs for groups and project teams.

If your workplace provides pre-retirement coaching for employees, we can work with your organization to provide those services as well. “Retirement” is much different now than it used to be — often, it means that people leave their mid-life career to begin an “encore” career doing what they love, something truly meaningful that may require a major shift in their thinking about their lives and previous work roles.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, and you feel hesitant, doubtful, anxious or uncertain about some aspects of your transition — or, if you need to help your staff become more resilient in coping with workplace transitions — email or call us at our San Francisco Bay Area office: 1-510-845-5510 to set up a complimentary (free) half-hour Discovery Session, where we’ll explore together what your needs are, and what would be your (or your team’s) optimum next steps.

We’ll offer you caring, creative, enjoyable and challenging, but supportive coaching, mentoring or training that fits YOU and YOUR goals, or your organization’s goals.

Our first step is listening to you. All you need to do is call us: 1-510-845-5510 or email us to set up an appointment. It would be helpful if you put “Discovery Session information” in your subject line, or leave that request on our voicemail, or with our staff. We’ll respond to you as quickly as possible, especially if you let us know a few times that are most convenient for you.

In addition to offering in-person programs, we also use Skype, Webinars and other technology for virtual coaching, mentoring, training and consulting.

Benefits of Coaching, Mentoring and Training:

- Increased clarity about your (or your team’s) priorities, what you need and want at work, from your career change, and in life.

- A pause to breathe and learn more effective methods to build your resilience and manage transitions in the workplace, or in your life.

- An increased sense of your innate talents, value and creativity. A renewed sense of wonder, possibility, serendipity, and your ability to make the connections you need with people and resources to make your dreams come true.

- Save significant time and missteps by focusing clearly on your (or your team’s) goals, values, results and next steps. Build your capacity for leadership and decision-making.

- Emerge with a clear, focused and flexible plan that you’ll be able to follow without stress and second-guessing each new step. You’ll develop tools to adapt — and help your team adapt — to changes in your circumstances, now and in the future.

- If you’re managing others, you’ll be able to guide them through a similar process, adapting it to fit each of their individual needs, and to develop collaboration skills as a group.

There are many additional benefits from coaching, mentoring and training, in terms of leadership development, personal and professional growth. If you need to refer us to another decision-maker in your organization, please contact us and we’ll be glad to set up an initial, complimentary conversation with him or her today. To learn more, email us or call our office today to set up your complimentary Discovery Session. There’s absolutely no risk to you, and plenty of opportunities to move forward toward your goals immediately!

Another great way to keep informed about our services and programs is to sign up for our occasional e-letters. We only send them out monthly or bi-monthly, so we promise you won’t be spammed, and your contact information will not be shared. Your privacy is always respected at Creative Sage™.

Need further information, or have questions? Don’t hesitate — call us today: 1-510-845-5510. It’s your future!

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