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It’s time to think about Strategy, Creativity and Innovation in Business in entirely new, fresh and innovative ways…

Our clients come up with winning Ideas, Management Processes, Products, Marketing Messages, and Services!

Creative Sage™ Creative Sage™ offers your organization a maximum Return on Investment in Creativity and Innovation Optimization to solve any business problem.

Is this you, your business, project team or nonprofit organization:

You’ve been a leader in your field or industry for years, and recently, there are more competitive companies taking over some of your market share—you need to recapture your competitive edge, but you’re running low on ideas.

You’re a C-Level executive or a department manager, and you sense a loss of employee morale, accompanied by a level of turnover and absenteeism that is costing your company too much time, talent and money—but you don’t know how to create an environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Many of your best employees or Board members are about to retire, or their terms of office are about to expire, and you need to develop systems to capture their knowledge and offer them a pre-retirement transition program—where do you start?

You’re an entrepreneur whose leading small-to-medium size business got off to a great start, but now you’re running out of new ideas for products and services to offer, and you don’t know how to kick-start your creative thinking to keep you business Number One in your customers’ minds.

You’re an executive, entrepreneur or accomplished professional who wants to revolutionize retirement and redefine how you will make the transition from your current successful career to the life of your dreams. You have many interests, passions and a burning desire to make the world a better place, and you’ve got a wealth of knowledge and skills to contribute—but you don’t know how and where to start…yet you know that a “traditional retirement” is not right for you.

Maybe you want to write a book, rediscover your inner artist, start a new business, or create a project that will make a real difference in the world.
How do you navigate this transition? How will you make sure your vital new project and this new era in your life will be extraordinary?

These are just a few of the problems that can be successfully addressed with new perspectives, creative thinking and innovation.

Here’s the main problem: Most organizations need new ideas, services, processes and products to succeed and maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. However, they rely on old, ineffective methods to generate new ideas and fail to break through to truly new and effective ideas and move forward. All too often, they fail to achieve payback for their innovation efforts and investment.
Our Solution: A comprehensive, proven, best-practice approach for generating, managing and implementing great ideas—quickly, in a fun, energized way.

Applications (just a few of many)—our Creative Sage™ cutting edge creativity and innovation solutions help you or your organization:

Develop new products and services, which may include setting up and managing teams in ways that foster innovation, or bringing in new team members that are optimally effective, able to roll out new products or services effectively and quickly.

Create new, imaginative and effective marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns that raise your organization’s profile to a new level in the marketplace, winning you more high profile visibility, clients, awards, investors and business development partners.

Design new programs and management processes that enable your organization to repeat breakthrough innovation on an ongoing basis, thereby staying competitive in regional, national and global markets.

In addition to group innovation methods, we offer executive coaching, mentoring and management consulting when needed, to enable maximum performance from each individual executive, manager and team member. An effective, innovative team is only as strong as the individuals within it.

We also offer pre-retirement and transition coaching to executives, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and accomplished professionals who want to experience a creative breakthrough and live the life of their dreams, at last—we help individuals innovate to be great and make a real difference in the world!

Why our methods are unique, dynamic, and produce real results:

We have conducted thorough, global research into world-renowned and cutting edge creativity and innovation methods, and we utilize best practices from the most innovative experts and organizations around.

Our methods promote breakthrough innovations that are deep and new—not shallow and surface.

We have created and tested processes that are sustainable and repeatable.

We collaborate with leading innovation consultants and creativity experts from across numerous disciplines and countries, in addition to synthesizing our own, proprietary Creative Sage™ techniques—we customize our methods to your organization’s or individual needs.

Our comprehensive, whole-brain approach incorporates multiple perspectives that enable managers, employees and team members to think and visualize in new, creative ways.

Our processes are remarkable, dynamic, fun and energizing! Clients remember our methods and benefit from them years later.

Our methods go WAY beyond techniques that we know don’t generate lasting returns on investment, including outdated group brainstorming techniques, static strategic planning that is not whole-brain oriented, or methods that do NOT address the need for an optimized creative culture at all levels in organizations, and a way to repeat remarkable, breakthrough innovation.

In short, we offer your team—or you, as an executive, entrepreneur or independent professional—extraordinary new methods and training to optimize creativity and sustain innovation.

We don’t just show up for one workshop, coaching or training session and leave you hanging—we periodically check in with you to see how you’re doing…we help you maintain your creative momentum for maximum ROI. We continue to help you innovate to be great and retain your competitive lead in the marketplace.

Proof—Just a Few Examples of Our Results:

Creative Sage™ successfully:

• Helped an established web design and animation company that was losing market share create new ideas and methodologies to sustain innovation and improve their teamwork skills; this resulted in a significant increase in business and the ability to stay competitive in the marketplace.

• Coached executive staff and Board members from a major non-profit career counseling organization to develop creative new program ideas and initiate a strategic planning process, thus increasing the organization’s funding and attracting a record number of clients to the organization’s new programs.

• Co-created and managed a state-of-the-art innovation training program for a start-up technology and brick-and-mortar company that included locating, interviewing and selecting top-tier advisors and developmental consultants representing hallmark innovation processes in workplace creativity; the client company garnered media attention and praise in the industry for its ground-breaking innovation program and training curriculum.

• Trained managers and other employees in a department at a major U.S. bank to work together more effectively; the department significantly increased individual and team performance, employee morale, retention and results.

Our Process:

• We begin by deeply understanding your goals, mission, values, vision and organizational culture.

• We assess the current state of idea generation and the environment for creativity and innovation at your organization.

• We tailor our methods to your needs, using the most appropriate, cutting-edge, dynamic creative thinking and innovation processes designed specifically for your team.

• We design, manage and implement the process, which includes setting and tracking goals and following up with your organization over time to ensure that results are ongoing, not just short-term.

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