Why These Tech and Venture Leaders—and General Colin Powell—Support Barack Obama for President

Why Tech Leaders Support Barack Obama

On September 29th, Craig Newmark, founder of CraigsList, posted this video of himself and other notable tech executives and venture capitalists explaining why they are endorsing Barack Obama for President. Although I have not endorsed a specific candidate for President or Vice President on my blogs to date, it is clear that the message in the video above is that Obama is the candidate of innovation, and Newmark and his colleagues voice their deep concern for the future of the internet, technology and science as the frontiers of innovation to drive both economic and social/cultural growth, and to solve our environmental problems. I looked, but could not find, a comparable endorsement of McCain and Palin as drivers or supporters of innovation.

Then, in the past day, we got this endorsement of Barack Obama by General Colin Powell, which also points to his choice of Obama’s substance and style as a leader:

General Colin Powell in Tom Brokaw Meet the Press interview about why he\’s endorsing Barack Obama, on MSNBC

Surely, for innovation to thrive, especially in a troubled economy, with war being waged on several fronts, it would seem to be an obvious advantage to elect a strong leader who can demonstrate deep awareness of technologies that are driving our economy forward, plus management capabilities, innovative thinking, the ability to inspire people of different generations and backgrounds—and the ability to demonstrate an attitude of inclusiveness and integrity.

Under anyone’s definition of “innovation,” it seems like an obvious choice. Please let me know if you have a similar or different viewpoint regarding how the candidates stack up for you, in terms of creative thinking and innovative problem solving. I welcome thoughtful comments and reserve the right to exclude any that use language that is unsuitable for general audiences here, or that seem racist, sexist or ageist in nature. Also let me know if there’s a video you’ve found that portrays an opposing candidate as being specifically a supporter of innovation.

In any case, I hope you vote on November 4th, if you’re an eligible U.S. citizen. If you’re not sure of your voter registration status or polling place, you can check here. I hope to see you at the polls!

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    One matter: increasingly, as part of the nearly flat hurdle to starting a business, internet prophets have been extolling the use of the virtual assistant, usually overseas, to whom we are to give drudge work and for whom the little money we pay is a sustainable wage in his country. Seems to me that’s under the category of “losing jobs overseas”, which Barack Obama says he’ll stop.

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