Make the Most of Your Summer: Recalibrate, Renew, Re-create & Turn Your Ideas into Action to Meet Your Goals!

Art © Linda NaimanSummer is the perfect time to renew your creative spirit and your commitment to your Creative Self.

Take a deep dive into creative processes and immerse yourself in practices that will help you re-calibrate and re-create. Emerge with new insights and inspiration to turn ideas into action.

This teleclass is for you:

  • If you have a great idea but can’t get it off the ground
  • If you are writing a book or thesis and feel blocked
  • If you are working on a significant artistic project (any genre), and want to take your creativity to the next level
  • If you have a favourite cause and need new ideas to make it a success
  • If you are in a leadership role at work and need to foster creativity in yourself and your team
  • If you own a business and need to take it to the next level—but need to renew your creative energy first.

What would it take for YOU to START or FINISH that favorite creative project, and accomplish your goals?

Don’t hesitate, especially if you’ve done that before… Summer is the perfect time to renew your creative spirit and your commitment to your Creative Self.

Join seasoned creativity experts Linda Naiman and Cathryn Hrudicka in a supportive, creativity enhancing 4 week program, full of fresh, valuable content and personal exchanges with other creative people like yourself! Although we’re calling it a “teleclass,” it’s really in a group-coaching format, with valuable content provided by the supportive facilitators.

4 week class starts Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. PDT U.S.,
with an additional series at 3:00p.m. PDT, (subject to enrollment)

Content of the teleclass includes:

  • Week 1 (June 21st) — Getting started on your creative project (or renewal); establishing and sharing your goals; getting through blocks.
  • Week 2 (June 28th) — Developing positive Creative Habits; learning to focus more effectively; gaining strength and exchanging support.
  • Week 3 (July 5th) — Getting into The Space while Getting into the Flow; Idea Generation Techniques that really work; progress sharing.
  • Week 4 (July 12th) — Focusing and completion; identifying your next challenge and taking action steps; summary of learning and value.

Some of the resource material for the teleclass includes The Creative Edge Workbook, by Wayne Morris; The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp; the books and workshops of jazz composer Kenny Werner; teachings of composer/musicians Allaudin Matthieu, Art Lande, and Pauline Oliveros; and books by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. Additional material will be included from the co-facilitators’ own personal and work experience with the creative process and innovation.

Calls will be recorded and made available only to those who enroll in the program. If you are unable to attend all four sessions, you’ll be able to listen to the recording for any session you’ve missed.

Registration is only open until June 19 for this series! RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW, and save on the cost:

$225 if you register by June 11
$250 if you register from June 12-19

$20 bonus affiliate. Sign up your friends and colleagues to receive a $20 CAD bonus

Register for Make the most of your summer: Recalibrate, Renew, Re-create & turn ideas into action to meet your goals! on Eventbrite

Learning Benefits for You or Your Work Team:

  • Find your Creative North Star and create your personal compass for beginning or completing your creative project
  • Draw observations, insights, and wisdom that will help enhance your personal creativity and focus, so that you can be more productive and bring new skills to your project
  • Facilitate creativity enhancing skills and growth in your staff.
  • Develop a strategy for achieving your creative goals and making creative decisions, for yourself or your work team.
  • Enhance creativity and learn new improvisational skills to enhance productivity and effectiveness, in yourself or your staff.
  • Find like-minded, accomplished creative people who will support you and your creative goals during the teleclass, and on an ongoing basis (by choice) after the teleclass series ends.

Bonus: Save 20% on coaching

Confidential one-on-one coaching is available at a special price for participants. We will also be offering some follow-up, in-depth coaching groups, which we’ll announce at the end of the Teleclass series…or ask us about options.

About the Facilitators:

Linda Naiman

Linda Naiman is a creativity and innovation consultant, coach, speaker and author, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is founder of Creativity at Work, and as co-author of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work, she recognised internationally for pioneering arts-based learning as a catalyst for developing creativity, innovation, and collaborative leadership in organizations. She has spoken at US Navy Leadership Symposiums, the Creativity World Forum, and the European Summit on the Arts and Business. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations. She was recently selected by IBM as a creative leader for a study to be published in 2011.

Linda has been featured in Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) stories about Career resilience: Midlife prompts many to act on career aspirations, and Managing a Mid-Life Makeover, She is a an associate business coach at the University of British Columbia and coaches managers on resilience, creativity, innovation and leadership. Linda is on a mission to liberate creativity and make life and work, a work of art. Visit Creativity at Work for details.

Cathryn Hrudicka

Cathryn Hrudicka is Founder/Chief Imagination Officer for her company, Creative Sage™ / Cathryn Hrudicka & Associates. Her experience includes executive, transition, creativity and innovation coaching and consulting with individuals, work groups and organizations. She has served in senior management positions, has owned her own company for over 30 years, and has achieved recognition in a parallel career as a multidisciplinary artist and author. Cathryn has taught writing and music composition classes and often gives dynamic, interactive presentations on starting and finishing creative projects. She has been mentioned in international media, including Fast Company Magazine, Leonardo Music Journal, MusicWorks and many other print, broadcast and online media outlets.

Her company, Creative Sage™ / Cathryn Hrudicka & Associates, has won awards for innovation and communications using social media. Cathryn is a contributing author to three landmark books on the subject, The Age of Conversation 2 (2008) and The Age of Conversation 3 (2010), as well as the recently published book, A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing: Advice from Leading Experts, edited by Paul Sloane, with a foreward by Henry Chesbrough (Kogan Page, published March, 2011). She has also written eight novels, a poetry book, and numerous other writing projects. Two of her blogs provide more information, at: and:

Don’t hesitate…make the most of your summer — Recalibrate, Renew & Re-create: turn your ideas into action and achieve your goals!

Register for Make the most of your summer: Recalibrate, Renew, Re-create & turn ideas into action to meet your goals! on Eventbrite

We look forward to welcoming YOU to our supportive group! Please contact us if you have any questions.

(This post was updated on June 15, 2011.)

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