Off the Stage and into Your Life! How Using Theatrical Improv Skills Can Help Create a More Innovative Culture at Work

Turning Vision into Value

If you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, or if you’re visiting, please invite your friends and colleagues and join us for the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute’s Innovation Society 2010 Series…

SVII “First Wednesday” Innovation Society Meeting

Wed, Aug 4, 2010
6:00-9:30 p.m.

Bay Cafe & Restaurant
1875 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto (directions below)


Improv: Off the Stage and into Your Life

SVII’s August 4th Society dinner will feature Chris Miller, co-founder of LifePlays—a company “created to bring the transformative skills of connective, embodied improvisation to communities and innovative workplaces.”

LifePlays’ corporate improv workshops have fostered creativity, innovation, team development, and leadership at many companies, including Google, Microsoft, Genentech, and Whole Foods Markets.

Chris Miller on Creativity and Innovation:

Innovation often involves a leap, trust, and risk. A leap of making new connections. Trust that support and encouragement are there. And the risk, that it might not work. To function in this way, you need to grow a culture that supports it.

In this ideal culture your aim is to bring out the best in everyone else; you listen to in order to support; you know that critical thinking is crucial and valuable, but there’s a time to suspend it and purely explore ideas; everyone sees the larger goal, not just personal gain. This is a generative, innovative culture. This is the culture and skill-set of improv.

Improv is a skill-set way beyond “being funny,” or just “making it up.” Come see how the skills that allow improvisers to create seamlessly on stage can be applied to creating seamlessly in other domains.

This will be a fun and highly participatory session.

Education Initiative: Moving Forward

Because of the high level of interest, we will dedicate a portion (7:00-7:30) of our August 4th event to sharing some of the insights we’ve gathered so far about the current state of education and the impact that we can make as innovators.

6:00 – Doors open for registration and networking.

6:30 – Dinner is served.

7:00 – Education Initiative Update

7:30 – Feature Presentation—Improv: Off the Stage and into Your Life.


Bay Cafe, Bayshore Ballroom
1875 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto

In Palo Alto, take Embarcadero East past Ming’s restaurant, then turn left into the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course driveway; from the parking lot, walk up the wide path toward the golf course buildings; the restaurant will be on the right.

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July Event Recap

The July 7th SVII event featured an excellent, in-depth panel discussion on technology and innovation barriers in K-12 education. Our expert panelists discussed some of the barriers that prevent modern classrooms from utilizing the vast technological resources currently available, and what we might do to reduce those barriers. Based on the exciting and challenging dialog that resulted, SVII has started work on an Education Initiative that will tackle some of the problems discussed.

Education Initiative

Our education initiative is off to a great start! We have used Ken Ketch’s Group Mind Express tool to create a collaborative space to work on this initiative. If you attended the session and had further insights to add, head over to the SVII Collaboration Center and make your voice heard. We will be adding more tools to that space as the initiative develops, so stay tuned.

Building on the insights gathered, we hope to make a concrete, positive contribution to the world of education in the Silicon Valley. If you’d like to receive all updates about the education initiative, please email to be added to the list.

Archives and Outlook

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Stay in Touch

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SVII is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.
Cathryn Hrudicka, Founder, CEO and Chief Imagination Officer of Creative Sage™, is a member of SVII.

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