Creative Sage™ Co-Hosts an Innovation Cities Tour Event in San Francisco on June 17, kicking off the CINO (#CINOSF) Summit, June 18-19

If you follow our Creative Sage™ social media accounts and company pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest, you have probably noticed recent announcements about the Innovation Cities Tour, presented by Innovation Excellence, along with other partners, co-hosts and sponsors.

In the past two months, the tour has gone to New York and Boston, with relevant blog posts here, here, and here.

The main theme of the Innovation Cities Tour, “Where the Cathedral Meets the Bazaar,” is about participants telling their innovation stories in a multimedia format. To round up such stories, there have been calls to action, such as this one: “Call for Stories: How Innovators Overcome Resistance.

The third city in the Innovation Cities Tour is San Francisco, and we’re very pleased to announce that Creative Sage™ will be co-hosting the San Francisco/Silicon Valley event, and that Founder/CEO/Chief Innovation Officer Cathryn Hrudicka will be participating in a roundtable dialogue about the current state of innovation and crowdsourcing in the San Francisco Bay Area, along with Hutch Carpenter, Senior Consultant at HYPE Innovation, and Bill O’Connor, Strategist and Architect, Innovation Genome Project, at Autodesk; the Roundtable will be moderated by Julie Anixter, Executive Editor at Innovation Excellence. [UPDATE, June 2nd: Nick Mathers, Head of Operations at Kite™, has been added to the Roundtable.]

This event will kick off the CINO (Chief Innovation Officer) Summit (#CINOSF), being held in San Francisco on June 18-19, which will be attended by all of the participants in the Innovation Cities Tour event. The Summit is presented by the Innovation Enterprise.

Hutch Carpenter of HYPE Innovation, Bill O’Connor of Autodesk, and Cathryn Hrudicka of Creative Sage™, will participate in a great roundtable dialogue about the state of innovation and crowdsourcing in the Bay Area and beyond; and they will address audience questions about the most current uses of crowdsourcing, as well as responding to fundamental innovation questions. [UPDATE, June 2nd: Nick Mathers, Head of Operations at Kite™, has been added to the program.]

The lively, provocative Roundtable discussion will be topped off with an Ommengang craft beer tasting and hors d’oeuvres from 5:00-8:00 p.m. PDT, on June 17, 2014, at the spectacular Autodesk Gallery at One Market Street, San Francisco, California.

The two 30-minute presentations that will precede the Roundtable will include the following themes:

“Crowdsourcing Grows Up,” by Hutch Carpenter, Senior Consultant, HYPE Innovation

In addition to a being a primary tool for innovation, crowdsourcing is now used to solve every manner of hard-core business problems — including finding solutions and problem solving, customer service, operational efficiency and cost reduction. HYPE Innovation’s Hutch Carpenter will share lessons learned and insights into how manufacturing, financial services, tech and other sectors are using crowdsourcing broadly to accelerate change and produce results.

“The Innovation Genome Research Project Steps Out,” by Bill O’Connor, Strategist, Autodesk, and Architect of the Innovation Genome Project

Bill’s research into the six fundamental questions that all great innovators ask will provide a complimentary look at the core of the Innovation Genome — and he’ll share with you how a broad array of industries are using it to accelerate their innovation work.

The Moderator will be Julie Anixter, Executive Editor, Innovation Excellence.

For your calendar, the schedule will be as follows:

Presentations, 5:00-6:00 p.m. PDT — Hutch Carpenter, Bill O’Connor

Roundtable, 6:30-7:00 p.m. PDT — Hutch Carpenter, Bill O’Connor, Cathryn Hrudicka, Founder, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, Creative Sage™, and Nick Mathers, Head of Operations at Kite™.

Afterward, join us for networking from 7:00-8:00 p.m. PDT, your chance to meet Chief Innovation Officers and other C-Suite officers from San Francisco/Silicon Valley, national, and global corporations.

Craft Beer Tasting Courtesy of Ommengang/Duvel USA; complementary admission to the Innovation Cities Tour San Francisco event on June 17th.

There will be limited seating at this event, so please RSVP as soon as possible, at this link.

If you have not yet registered for the CINO Summit (#CINOSF) on June 18-19, presented by the Innovation Enterprise, you can check here for availability of tickets.

We have enough Innovation Stories at this point for the Spring 2014 Innovation Cities Tour, but we anticipate that there will be a continuation of the tour to other cities next year! We’re still looking for contributors who want their Innovation Stories online, and at future events. If you or your organization has a significant story to share, please submit it here.

We will be updating this blog with future Innovation Cities Tour and Innovation Storytelling events. In fact, at Creative Sage™, we are planning additional creativity and innovation tours, retreats, and special events in urban and rural Northern California Wine Country venues, including on the beautiful Mendocino Coast, which we will be announcing in the next few months.

The Innovation Cities Tour San Francisco June event is planned to be relatively small and intimate in nature. In Fall, 2014, Innovation Excellence is planning to co-host a larger Innovation Cities Tour event in San Francisco, aligned with an upcoming conference (to be arranged), and we will be looking for partners and sponsors for that event. This would be an outstanding opportunity for your company or organization to gain exposure and networking opportunities with a relevant conference audience of CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, and other C-Suite officers in your market! We would also welcome one or two more co-sponsors for the June 17th event. If you are interested in learning more about partnership and sponsorship options in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, please contact us at Creative Sage™.

If you register to attend the Innovation Cities Tour event in San Francisco on June 17th, please come and say hello to me (Cathryn Hrudicka) and the other presenters and Roundtable panelists!

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