Free Wireless for Everyone in the U.S. Within a Few Years?

Today, United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chairman Kevin Martin announced a free Wireless proposal on MSNBC—but it comes with a few caveats, like it probably won’t be ready for a few years, and “adult content” will be filtered for young people under 18. For U.S. consumers, it is a promising step in overcoming the Digital Divide, providing access that is comparable to access data in some other countries.

What will this mean, in terms of competition between current carriers? Would this bring down fees in the industry? This proposal will be fully unveiled for Commission vote on December 18, 2008, to establish rules for the provider auction and benchmarks for service. Here’s more:

What will this mean for innovation in the industry, and for new enterprises for the Web and mobile? Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

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